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Creativity and the Brain with Anthony Brandt

May 25, 2021 Steve Waxman Episode 27
The Creationists
Creativity and the Brain with Anthony Brandt
Show Notes

Up until now, I’ve interviewed a variety of guests about their creative process and the road they travelled to get to where they are.  As a change of pace, I thought that it would be interesting to explore our brain’s relationship to creativity.

In their book The Runaway Species, neuroscientist David Eagleman and composer Anthony Brandt explore what makes human creativity unique among the animals of earth and how our greatest creators always borrow from the past to move creation forward.

The Runaway Species was born out of an extended lunch at Rice University in Houston where Anthony is a professor of composition and David is an alumni. In my conversation with Anthony Brandt  we talk about a bunch of creativity concepts as well as the story behind how he and David came to co-author the book.

This episode of The Creationists was inspired by the Netflix documentary The Creative Brain. The film is narrated by David Eagleman and is based on the book The Runaway Species. I found both the film and the book incredibly inspiring and eye opening and I highly recommend that you dig into both.  If you'd like to read more about Anthony Brandt and the projects he's working on, please visit

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